Getting Here

Hello and Welcome to Eco Truly Park, Eco Village!... Below is explanation about how to arrive from the airport. If you would like we can provide an escort, which will be an additional 50 soles. Please let us know if you would like this service, otherwise we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Our Eco Village is strategically located on Chacra y Mar beach near the town of Chancay in the province of Huaral, one and a half hours by bus (63 km) north of the capital city, Lima.

How to arrive:

From Lima airport, take a taxi to "PLAZA ACHO" at the end of Abancay Avenue, where there is a bus station called "Z-BUSS before named TURISMO HUARAL". You can take the taxi from inside or outside the airport: the taxis outside are less expensive (around 15-20 soles) and allow you to bargain. The taxi service inside the airport is a bit more expensive but also more secure.


All days: S /. 8.00

The company has 2 routes, so make sure that you take the bus along the route "Serpentin PASAMAYO way to HUACHO" as this will drop you closer to us.

Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Where to stop

Eco Truly Park is located at the end of Pasamayo Road about one and a half hours north of Lima by the sea at "CHACRA Y MAR BEACH". Pay attention, as you will have to get off the bus at "PARADERO OVALO".

You can tell the bus assistant to advise you when you get to Paradero Ovalo. From there you can take a Taxi (6 soles, max. rates 8 soles) to Chacra y Mar beach.

When you see the big mud constructions (traditional Indian structure called a Truly), then you've found us.

We'll be waiting for you! You can call us on:

Phone - Rpc: (511) 993 196 797

Cell: (511) 998271110