Eco Truly Park - Eco-village

Eco Truly Park is a beautiful ecological and artistic community founded on Vaisnava principles on the Pacific coast of Peru, strategically located on Chacra y Mar beach, in the province of Huaral, one hour by bus or car (63 km) north of the capital city, Lima.

We live together according to principles of non-violence, simple living and elevated thinking, and visitors can learn and experience how it is possible to live happily in harmony with nature, others, and themselves. We are looking for people who are open-minded and want to practice tolerance, compassion and patience.

The architecture and values of the community are in part inspired by Indian traditional teachings and lifestyle. We were the first ecological educational center in Peru, and have inspired similar successful projects in neighboring countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. The community is located at 2.5 m above sea level and previously consisted of sandy, unworkable land, but in the last 18 years we have developed a unique ecological program run by an increasing number of residents and volunteers, with the goal of becoming fully sustainable and self-sufficient.

Today our community is visited by people from Lima and all over the world, who are able to experience an alternative way of life whilst staying at Eco Truly. Due to this influx of visitors, the surrounding area of Huaral has been positively influenced in terms of the development of ecological consciousness. According to recent professional studies, Eco Truly Park programs have become a model of sustainable alternative solutions for the extreme poverty that still affects more than half of Peruvian citizens (over 14 million people) living in rural and marginalized urban villages. Nowadays, Eco Truly Park is recognized as an important tourist destination by local government and the Peruvian media, having received over 75,000 visitors since its inception.