Get to know who lives at the Eco Village Eco Truly Park

Hello dear reader,

Would like to tell you more about our Eco Village. Below is a description of those people who visit us, and the others who live at our farm.

Our ecological, philosophical and artistic project is run solely by people who want to gain a clearer idea of how to lead a harmonious life.


We call members of society in general tourists, be they travellers, backpackers, foreigners, locals, families, schools, students etc. They have the opportunity to learn about our Eco Village during a guided tour, visiting our organic vegetable garden and yoga area as well as enjoying the services of our hostel, vegetarian restaurant, anti-stress therapies, art workshops, yoga classes and more.

You can find prices per person as a tourist here:


Our volunteer programme is lead solely by those who wish to give their support to any part of our projects at the Eco Village. We have an objective to offer volunteers a unique experience coexisting within our ecological farm next to the sea.

The volunteers receive courses in Inbound Yoga during the mornings on Monday- Saturday, learn about and participate in the management of our organic vegetable garden, bake, cook and make pastry, also help in the art workshop, in daily maintenance and gardening tasks, reconstruction of some of our ecological buildings and restoration of the art works at the Yoga Planetario.

They also participate in our campaigns to spread awareness of ecological living and vegetarianism. Visit:

Our priority is to share our love for nature and this simple way of life with respect for all that surrounds us.

Resident volunteers:

Resident volunteers are people who come to help with a specific service or activity for a much longer time than casual volunteers. This group of people assume responsibilities similar to the permanent residents. They also follow the normal duties of everybody who lives at the Eco Village.


The people who call our ecological community home, or those who have permanent responsibilities are called residents.

Apart from assisting with specific activities and services, residents participate in the complimentary activities at the farm and the Ashram.

These other activities serve to develop an understanding about the extent of the connection between God and nature. Through this knowledge the trainee residents clearly see that growing in love is acceptable, and that they can achieve a harmonious life serving others. And in this way they have the philosophical understanding necessary to become a resident of the Eco Village.

The residents don't recieve a salary and are required to give all their time - 24 hours per day - in the service of others. Any money received is used in the maintenance of the Eco Village and the development of our diverse projects, which the community perform in the service of humanity.

There is a Bhakti Yoga monastery in the Eco Truly Park and most of the residents follows the spiritual principles of Vaisnavism.